Human Neck Bones Diagram

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Chiropractic Neck AnatomyNeck pain and the causes of neck pain result in discomfort and inconvenience to many people. This list with … Diagram of the human vertebral column. Human Body & … The atlas and axis bones are labelled on the diagram (above-right).

Labeled Human Skeleton Diagram. Are you looking for a labeled human skeleton diagram with a description on the various bones in the body? The following …

The bones of the head and neck play the vital role of supporting the brain, sensory organs, nerves, and blood vessels of the head and protecting these structures …

The human skeleton explained. Download image to label and learn about the bones of the skeleton.

The Skeletal System – Extensive anatomy images and detailed descriptions allow you to learn all about the bones of the human skeleton, as well as ligaments.

The section of the spine at the neck is called the cervical spine. It starts at the atlas, the top cervical vertebra, and continues down to the C7 vertebra.

The neck is the part of the body, on many vertebrates, that separates the head from the torso or trunk. It contains blood vessels and nerves that supply structures in the head to the body. These in …

The human spinal column is made up of 33 bones – 7 vertebrae in the cervical region, 12 in the … Diagram of the human spine showing vertebrae letters and numbers … and breathing difficulty – The fourth cervical (neck) vertebra from the top.